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DasBeer Pouch Growler
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Engineered by a beer lover for the beer enthusiast! The DasBeer Pouch is the perfect alternative to a fragile glass growler or a heavy steel growler! Flexible, soft, light weight, durable and ready when you are the DasBeer Pouch is perfect for your next "to go" order of fine micro brew! BPA Free!
DasBeer Pouch Advantage

This package is far superior to bottles or cans for many reasons and stands to change the way serious brewers package their products in the future. The DasBeer Pouch is designed for the active lifestyle of the fine beer drinker.


Just like any other growler our there this one is reusable as well. Engineered to NOT alter the taste of the beer, nor to retain any flavoring residue, the DasBeer Pouch Growler is perfect for using again and again.

Light weight

You do not get much lighter than this! Made from high quality environmentally friendly materials this growler is built to be light weight and tough!

No Air Exposure

Exposure to the air is a killer of fine beer! Nothing is worse than stale beer. The DasBeer Pouch is designed to be air tight; locking in freshness and locking out suds killing air!

Keep It In The Dark

Air is the second biggest killer of good beer! Made from a sandwich of high quality materials light is kept out of your beer thus preserving it until you are ready to drink it.

Folds Flat & Rolls Small

Flat enough to fit a few in your backpack without hogging the space! The largest part of the DasBeer Pouch is the screw top lid! Roll it up or fold it flat and you can stash this growler anywhere so you always have it ready to fill with excellent beer!


The DasBeer Pouch is made from high quality green materials laminated together using the latest environmentally friendly methods making it VERY DURABLE. This growler meets military specifications for food storage. If it can survive the battlefield, it probably should handle your lifestyle.

Cools Faster & Evenly

Thinner than glass (closer to paper really) and designed to convect temperate evenly across its surface the DasBeer Pouch cools your beer quickly in the refrigerator, a cool mountain creek or even in your cooler!

The Growler Alternative—

You may have seen a range of products, juice, or even tuna utilize similar pouching technology to protect their goods. Our pouch is far stronger than these examples, painstakingly engineered for carbonated pressures and beverages of all kinds.

Our beer pouches feature a simple screw-top similar to a bottle. Simply stated, eliminating oxygen or light damage (the two main enemies of good beer) means fresher tasting brews with great shelf stability.

We also have these available for breweries and retailers at bulk quantity pricing. Please contact us at our Brewery Relations page for further information.
DasBeer Pouch
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